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Street Cleaning at 8111 46 AV NW

City responded to a Disabled person that the "windrow" (snow margin left behind from plow) is for home owners to clear & maintain. After City plow surrounded their car in over knee deep snow which turned to solid ice. This 'windrow' res...
CLOSED No Action Required - Close SR. This snow was not piled up on car by City forces . How ever we can help out with this area once the car with expired license plate is removed from road . In order to remove car , caller can phone bylaw to get this done . JS. - about 22 hours ago #18-00045788
Street Cleaning at 8111 46 AV NW

Street Cleaning at 1306 36 ST SE

Why does this city choose times to do actual snow removal at deplorable hours? Is it poor management. The noise is above a noise complaint. The truck brakes sound like metal on metal. People in this area mostly work days. Most cities do t...
CLOSED about 23 hours ago #18-00046785

Street Cleaning at 89 BRIDLEGLEN RD SW

Unsafe road conditions near a public park and intersection
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. DSE - JH - Sander dispatched to location. - 8 days ago #18-00020174

Street Cleaning at 750 9 Ave SE Downtown

9th Ave SE cycle tracks needs to be cleaned of gravel, ice, and slush.
CLOSED 9 days ago #18-00020603

Street Cleaning at 1727 12 AV SW

Excessive snow piled up on Street.
CLOSED Issue Resolved - Close SR. No unusual amount of snow on street or in windrows. Please be aware that in the winter months the sides of the road are a temporary snow storage area, and the City is not obliged to clear windrows, though we will come out and remove snow once it accumulates to a certain point. Thank you. - 9 days ago #18-00020040

Street Cleaning at 107 SHAWNEE MR SW

Tremendous amount of deep ruts of snow from Shawnee Way through and onto Shawnee Road SW up to Shawnee Manor but not into the cul de sacs
CLOSED Move to Future SNIC (Snow and Ice) List. 2018-01-07 Rp1- inspected this area this morning. Road is drivable but showing signs of rutting; * Sanding and plowing is ongoing - All residential roads will be ploughed following each snowfall with accumulations of five centimeters or greater. When excessively low temperatures preclude the use of truck mounted ploughs, graders will be used as required on a priority basis. Once temperatures fall, residential plowing will commence. The purpose behind this policy is to ensure that the snow and ice does not ever reach a depth where rutting will cause difficulties. Additionally, routine residential plowing and sanding will ensure that windrows are kept to a minimum. When plowing or leveling of ruts occurs with trucks or equipment and windrows are created, the removal of the windrows will be the responsibility of the abutting property owner if action is desired. We ask for your patience. - 10 days ago #18-00019761

Street Cleaning at 220 4 AV SW

Look at the 311 site & you will see that there is a backlog of service requests of Tax Payers stuck literally in their neighbourhoods. More snow coming on Monday. What's the game plan? Safety issues all over town:( Re City Counci...
CLOSED Issue Resolved - Close SR. Thank you for your input. All these questions are for someone outside of Roads to answer, ie. a Councilperson. Please address all future inquiries and suggestions to the appropriate forum. Thank you. - 10 days ago #18-00019731

Street Cleaning at 99 TARAWOOD CL NE

Snow needs to be removed! Everytime I try to leave my house I have to go out and get someone unstuck from infront of my driveway first!
CLOSED 10 days ago #18-00019629
Street Cleaning at 99 TARAWOOD CL NE

Street Cleaning at 72 CHATHAM DR NW

we need snow removal on Chatham Dr NW. We have two vehicles stuck and abandoned 10M off of Charleswood that are stuck in the snow. Please help or refund my taxes!! Cheers
CLOSED 10 days ago #18-00018126

Street Cleaning at 238 25 AV SW

Snow clearing along 2 ST SW looks fantastic!! Many thanks to the crews making it so much nicer!!
CLOSED 11 days ago #18-00017137
Street Cleaning at 238 25 AV SW

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